Regenerative Medicine (PRP)
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Regenerative Medicine

The Logan Institute (TLI) has been a leader in using platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells to deliver innovative regenerative therapy for joint repair and medical aesthetics for nearly five years.


We not only partner with local orthopedic and other physician specialists for aging joints and sports medicine injuries but we provide differentiating stem cell/PRP therapy using a dedicated extraction lab where your blood is spun in a special centrifuge made specifically for stem cells/PRP, it is then heated to a target temperature to activate collagen and then platelets are treated with calcium chloride and other components to release the growth factors that will allow for new cartilage formation from your own tissue. This is all done to achieve the greatest concentration of true plasma RICH platelets that are fully activated. If you are considering stem cell/PRP therapy, be sure to understand the process they follow relative to the price you are paying.


Recent demand has been to utilize this same technology from our extraction lab to create state of the art personalized skin cream.


It comes in a base that includes cell messengers to signal the epithelium to divide and repair skin (EGF- epidermal growth factors) as well as your own stem cells with activated platelet rich plasma from a simple venous blood draw that will improve skin tone and reduce fine wrinkle formation.


If you’re interested in stem cell/PRP therapy or simply have questions please call 317-598-4325 or contact us here.

Regenerative Medicine
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