Immune Therapy
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Most Immune Therapy is accomplished through customized amino acid injections prescribed by Dr. Logan from a family of over 30 compounds.  Amino acids are building blocks for proteins. The immune system utilizes various protein structures for detection, defense and communication. With this therapy, specific amino acids are injected to build protein and improve overall immune function to bring the body’s systems into balance.  This treatment facilitates improved cellular function, reduces inflammation, and may improve neuroendocrine function.

You may be required to follow a medication and dietary protocol shortly before receiving each injection.  The actual injection itself is administered very slowly in the hip and you may experience a stinging sensation for about five minutes following.
Anyone who has immune system issues, hormonal imbalances or endocrine problems may be a candidate for the amino acid injections. Typical benefits include fewer flare-ups of immune reactions (i.e. allergies, arthritic pain, thyroiditis, and many inflammatory conditions), better overall health, more energy etc.



Dr. Logan utilizes any number of treatment modalities to best resolve symptoms and the underlying root cause of those symptoms.

Immune Therapy
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