Stay Present: Shawndra
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Stay Present: Shawndra

“One of the many things I love about Dr. Logan is his ability to stay present with his patients.  His practice is incredibly busy.  He runs the office himself; unlike most doctors nowadays, he is not one of many in the clinic, so any training of adjunct healthcare practitioners falls to him.  I suspect there is much more to owning a practice than meets the eye: payroll, hiring decisions, and so on.

When I walk into his office, close the door and sit down with him, I always feel like I am his one concern.  With other doctors I have felt the need to rush through my questions, talk fast to get through them, and leave some on the page instead of bringing them into the room.  Dr. Logan answers every question thoughtfully and patiently-and I usually have many.  When he has something difficult or sensitive to explain, he takes his time and sometimes draws a picture.  I have the sense that he is aware how his words will impact me.

He remembers personal information- once I mentioned that my partner was building a dry sauna in the basement, and at my next appointment, a couple of months later, he asked about her progress.  We usually laugh and joke, though I have also teared up in his office, and he doesn’t shut this down out of his own discomfort, as some “healers” tend to do.  I know that it is OK to be however I am when I walk through his door.  And whatever else may be on his mind, during my appointments he seems relaxed and focused.  He sees my individuality and uniqueness as a person, even though his time is limited.

Here’s to you Dr. Logan for staying in the present time and making your patients feel heard!”


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