Rope Worms: Linda
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Rope Worms: Linda

Hi Dr Logan! I would imagine that you like to receive feedback so, here goes:

Oh my gosh! Everything is working!

The long ropes of whatever are expelling like crazy!  (If you Google rope worms (they really aren’t worms), that’s exactly what I’ve had for years. They get stuck in my colon and I believe they are everywhere else! I’ve suspected for years that I can’t properly digest anything or get fully hydrated because of them. This is what I have been experiencing since my injection and starting the meds:

  1.  I have had a rash on my chest for 10 years. They are white and flatish spots. I have had several dermatologists look at them and no one can ever figure them out. Guess what – they are all but gone! I just realized it last night. They were horrible and all over my neck and chest!
  2. My skin is unbelievably SOFT! I’m also really hydrated!
  3. Pain has all but diminished. Not just my all over Fibro type pain, but also my back pain where I’ve had spinal fractures! I can’t believe it!
  4. Swelling and lumps seem to be decreasing in size.
  5. More energy. Almost too much!

This is all so great. I feel hope for my future for the first time in years!

God has given you a true gift Dr Logan! Thank you so much for not giving up on my case!


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