Kevin Logan, MD
holistic health, natural doctor, fishers, indiana
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Kevin Logan, MD

Dr. Logan attended Brebeuf Preparatory High School in Indianapolis and went on to graduate from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics and Public Policy. During his tenure at IU he studied International Affairs and European policy in the Netherlands. Upon graduation from the university, he joined the Peace Corps and worked in the Dominican Republic for nearly three years. He obtained further training and became a health educator in a small rural village. He also volunteered at the hospital and became a regular speaker on a local radio station as their health advisor.

After returning to the United States, Dr. Logan completed the premedical requirements and then was accepted to the Indiana University School of Medicine. He was actively involved with international health and designed and implemented a research project in the Dominican Republic after his first year in medical school. He was selected to be one of the first students to work in IU’s program in Africa. He traveled to Kenya and was a student ambassador with the medical school in Eldoret, Kenya. At graduation, Dr. Logan was honored with the prestigious Mary Yoder award for outstanding international and human service.

He selected Internal Medicine as his primary specialty due to its rigorous study and understanding of physiology, biochemistry, and patterns of disease. He was recruited by the University of New Mexico and was Board certified after completion of a three year Residency in Internal Medicine. His focus in residency was on Cardiac, Pulmonary and Endocrine disorders. But he also spent time in most of the subspecialties such as gastroenterology, nephrology, rheumatology, dermatology and all the other -ologies. This training was invaluable in teaching him to recognize when a simple symptom may be the sign of a more serious illness. While this training provided the tools necessary to identify serious diseases this model has limitations and is disease oriented. It does not provide the framework to understand how to evoke the human healing response. This is absolutely critical to promote healing which means to make whole. This awareness led to further study of other healing traditions after completion of his initial studies.

He continued Public Service through work at a Public Health Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico in an economically disadvantaged Hispanic neighborhood in the South Valley of the city. At the same time he began a program in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. Upon completion of his training, he was well versed in the principles of Tongue and Pulse diagnosis, acupuncture and herbal medicine. He was then recruited by St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis to work at the Marten Center for Complementary Medicine and Pain Management. During his three years, he continued his education through participation in multiple post-graduate training courses that integrated a mind, body, and spirit approach to illness.

In 2019 Kevin was appointed and accepted to serve on the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (ISCO)!

ISCO is the governing board in charge of updating the application of ozone therapy in Europe, Russia and many other countries. The basis is a document, The Madrid Declaration in its 3rd edition, that has been signed by 38 national and international associations. This declaration outlines the safe and effective use of oxidative therapy from more than 2,000 studies and 17 countries that contributed to its creation. As a representative from the United States, Dr. Logan will help to evaluate the clinical evidence and techniques that govern the safe and effective use of oxidative therapy around the globe. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Logan and The Logan Institute for Health and Wellness as we continue to incorporate the latest clinical evidence with the time honored healing arts for long term health and wellness.



Dr. Logan’s goal is to uncover the root cause of illness and energize your body to achieve its fullest potential.  Treating symptoms is not an effective method to establish balance and homeostasis in the human body.  The capacity to heal is tremendous when we evoke the human healing potential.

He accomplishes this by performing a careful examination and evaluation using different techniques.  Once Dr. Logan has developed an individualized treatment plan for a patient, he individualizes treatment plans to deal with the root cause of the illness.

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