Hope: Karen G.
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Hope: Karen G.


That is what I found in Dr. Logan’s office when I walked in in 2005.  I had been treated with antibiotics for 25 years at an abundant rate and had used alcohol as a numbing agent for some years.  The combination of the two left me with leaky gut, candida and a totally shot immune system.  Within two weeks of complying with Dr. Logan’s protocol I was feeling better than quite possibly ever.   As a result of the efforts,  chronic  fatigue, brain fog, headaches, etc. were falling away quicker than I could have imagined and symptoms that I didn’t realize were not normal were dissipating.  If was such a breath of fresh air to have the attention of a doctor who wanted to get to the bottom of the cause rather than treat my symptoms and see me back in his waiting room a few weeks later.

That was eleven years ago.  The better part of the last eleven years have been optimal until a year and a half ago.  It seemed I was getting sick again and while I still adhered to all of the dietary changes that Kevin helped me with, I was failing again.  With the help of the Logan Institute, we dove deeper into what possibly could be triggering my symptoms of fatigue, the non-healing leaky gut, a feeling of being poisoned, etc.  Dr. Logan took a look further entering  the cellular level of function.  As it turned out he discovered I was not exchanging oxygen.  I was off the charts with chemical burdens.  I was not detoxing.  My cells were severely compromised.  Bottom line,  my body had reached a point where it could not keep up with the dysfunction anymore, leaving me sicker and sicker.

Where in the world could I have gone that would have taken me down that road of discovery? I can’t imagine where.   Where would I be if I had gone somewhere else that would have tried to cover all those extremely crucial physical compromises with drugs to treat just the symptoms?  I was literally on the edge of total failure.

We have begun wonderful treatments that will address the real issues using oxygen therapy, infrared sauna therapy, safe chemical detox supplements.  And I am looking up.  Again, Dr. Logan has hit the nail on the head and I am thrilled that I found a doctor that really wants me to get well.

Hope is what I needed.  Hope is what I got.  And results.

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