Hailey Krause, R.N.
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Hailey Krause, R.N.


Hailey was born and raise in South Dakota and made the move to Indianapolis in October 2015. She has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2008. Hailey began college with a Health Promotion major and started first working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, becoming a Registered Nurse in 2012.

Hailey’s background is with nursing in kidney transplant and post surgery patients in a 500 bed hospital. She currently works as an RN as well as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Hailey has a strong passion for health and wellness and she absolutely loves working with and helping people. She lives in Indy with her husband, David, who is finishing his residency with IU Hospital as a Radiologist.

As an RN for The Logan Institute, Hailey administers our IV Therapy.

Intravenous therapy at the Logan Institute is used to deliver a customized blending of vitamins and/or nutrients to patients depending upon the individual diagnosis.  There are two types of IV Therapy:

  • Nutritional IV Therapy offers many kinds of vitamins and minerals suitable to each person’s needs.  A regimen of IV therapy is very beneficial for patients with acute and/or chronic viral conditions, poor absorption, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and pre/post-surgery recovery, migraines, kidney stones, asthma, allergy, and dementia.
  • Chelating IVs contain medicines that bind the heavy metals which are then effectively eliminated from the body. It has been observed as an extra benefit that some patients may have decreasing blood pressure or reduction in symptoms of vascular disease. Patients generally will need multiple treatments to effectively eliminate the majority of the heavy metals.
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