Fibromyalgia: Deanna
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Fibromyalgia: Deanna

Five years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by three different Rheumatologists. It was difficult believing a doctor could apply pressure to 18 different areas of my body and tell me I have something that has taken my life away.  In my search for an answer, which led to multiple doctors and a host of possible diseases, I was tested for Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Lyme, Lupus and a look at psychosomatic, and so on, only to be told I had Fibromyalgia. Too many tests, numerous drugs that didn’t work, repeated lifestyle changes and many years of disappointment and lost opportunity finally left me feeling hopeless with a huge distrust of the medical profession. Not to mention the daily struggles I had with pain, cognitive issues, extreme fatigue and depression.

In May of 2016, a family member suggested I look into The Logan Institute and Dr. Logan.  I did some research and pondered over whether to make an appointment at The Logan Institute. I didn’t know if I could handle another doctor telling me “you have Fibromyalgia—have you tried this medication”.

I finally decided to make one last ditch effort and made an appointment with Dr. Logan. Dr. Logan didn’t ride on the lab coats of other doctor’s diagnosis’ of me.  Dr. Logan actually took the time to listen to me. When my appointment had finished, Dr. Logan requested a series of lab tests and scheduled another appointment for me to obtain my results.

The day had come for my next appointment, all tests were done and I was about to get my results. Needless to say I was scared!  I knew I could not face another Fibromyalgia diagnosis. To my surprise and shock, I didn’t get another Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Instead, I was informed I have thyroid issues, oxygen level issues, insulin resistant issues, dehydration issues and had a genetic liver issue.  Dr. Logan created a regimen that would address all my issues with medication, supplements, diet and exercise.  It has been a little over eight weeks since I started my regimen plan and I can honestly say I feel 70% better. It’s like I have woken out of a haze of pain, fatigue and cognitive fog.  I still have lingering issues, but I have no doubt they will lessen as I continue my regimen.  I now have my life back!


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