Erica Huesing
holistic health, natural doctor, fishers, indiana
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Erica Huesing

Our Office Coordinator Erica is the welcoming staff member who greets you inside the front door, takes your phone calls, schedules your appointments and calls to confirm upcoming appointments.  It is her role to keep information flowing throughout the day and assist everyone to be in the right place at the right time.  Erica’s career in the natural health industry began 10 years ago when she began working at a local health food shop.  Erica is passionate about working with and helping people.  Erica joined The Logan Institute in 2011 and is an important part of the Patient Support Team.

Erica is cross trained to work with our team to assist you in accessing the services of The Logan Institute with ease and guide you on the pathway to wellness as laid out in your treatment plan.


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