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To all of our patients, family and friends,

There is an overwhelming amount of information coming from a variety of sources regarding the current situation of the coronavirus/COVID-19.  We know that this virus is highly contagious and virulent.  The mortality rate is higher than the influenza virus, and given these factors, caution needs to be taken to prevent further spread throughout the population.

The Logan Institute has taken this seriously and the office remains open to serve our patients.  In response to the current pandemic, we have made several changes to the way we operate the office. We have taken precautions within the office to reduce the possibility of transmission while still providing the high level of service that all of you have known from the Institute.

We have transitioned most of our appointments to telemedicine.  The office is still scheduling for all necessary lab draws for your convenience.  For the patient’s requiring IV and other therapies, we will continue to provide these services but on a limited basis.  For those patients that have symptoms which may be consistent with COVID-19, we have a system of triaging to determine the most appropriate approach for each patient for diagnostic and treatment options.

The Natural Pharmacy remains open but only for drive up and shipped items.  At this time, we do not have any walk-in service, but take orders by phone during business hours.

The most important consideration at this time is to take good care of oneself.  This includes:  sleeping 7-9 hours per night, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing sugar intake, minimizing caffeine intake, reducing or eliminating alcohol intake, stress reduction through exercise and yoga or meditation/prayer, avoid sitting for extended periods and stay connected with friends via Face Time/Zoom/phone calls, letter writing and other methods of communication.  We strongly recommend that everyone take the appropriate vitamins to help support the immune system, such as vitamin D, 10,000 IU’s per day; Vitamin C, 2000 mg, 2 times per day; zinc 30 mg, 2 times per day; Vitamin A, 25,000 IUs per day; probiotics daily and consideration for a multivitamin and glutathione, 400 mg on a daily basis. At the first signs of illness consider taking Agrisept 15 drops 3 times per day and Viracid 2 pills 3 times per day. For individuals with lowered immunity (prone to cold viruses etc.) we recommend taking Transfer Factor Multi Immune 2 pills 2 times per day.

If you need to venture out into public, please take proper precautions by wearing a mask and gloves.  Masks can be recycled and should be cleaned everyday by spraying with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or bleach solution.  You can hang them to dry. You should also make sure to wash hands frequently and to wash all packages that are delivered from the grocery store or other places with hydrogen peroxide or a soap and water or bleach solution to reduce any transmission of the virus. Maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet, and minimize touching your face.

Please know that we are here to support you during this very stressful time. We also ask that you take into consideration that we may require extra time to address your clinical questions, attend to prescription refills and other day-to-day requests.  The extra precautions that we have implemented require more time for each appointment and we appreciate your understanding as we try to operate in a safe and timely manner.

Kevin Logan, MD

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