Clinic Update
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Clinic Update

COVID-19- Appointments- Lab Draw- Regenerative Medicine

Dear Patients,

I hope this communication finds you doing well.  I wanted to provide you with another update given the changes to the recent state guidelines.  As you know, we have continued to have regular business hours to help you maintain access to care for both regular but medically necessary appointments or for helping to evaluate any individual concerns that you may have related to COVID-19.

Please see the details below for the procedural and facility changes we have made, services available and how to access these services.

Changes Made to Optimize Health &Safety

For the past several weeks, The Logan Institute has employed the CDC’s recommended safety protocols to the highest possible standard for the safety and protection of our staff and patients. These changes (some very sophisticated) have allowed us to provide care to you in the safest manner, regardless of the reason for your visit.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Building a dedicated isolation area with negative pressure/required air changes and a separate entrance to evaluate or test you for COVID-19 infection.
  • Purchasing germicidal UV lights that operate at night.
  • Cycling ozone through both sides of the clinic to sterilize the areas.
  • Constant disinfection, using CDC-approved agents for the required surface contact time and optimizing air flow for cleanliness in the general clinic and IV areas.
  • Separating the IV suite into separate rooms to maintain safety and social distancing.

What to Expect

  • Pharmacy: We remain open for phone orders/curbside pickup only and we have received our restock order of Viracid and nasal antimicrobial silver cream.
  • Clinic & Pharmacy hours: Open Monday-Thursday: 8AM-5:00PM; closed 12PM-1PM daily for lunch.  Friday open 8AM-11:30AM.
  • The IV suite and lab draw areas are open for patients to receive testing, lab draws and treatment.
  • Clinic: Remains locked with patient-only clinical escort consistent with requirements. Patients arriving for an appointment will wait in their car, call the clinic and answer a few questions.  Clinical staff will then meet you at your car window to take your temperature before escorting you into the clinic. Payment and scheduling via phone.  At this time, we kindly request no other family members or caregivers accompany patients without prior approval.
  • Debbie Downing, PT is treating physical therapy patients, taking all of the appropriate precautions. She is also performing LBGs and other support services, as before.
  • All staff are wearing masks and gloves when treating/assisting any of the patients, practicing social distancing, and coordinating patient visits based on risk assessment criteria.  Please wear a mask when coming to the office or we will provide one when you arrive, along with gloves to be worn while in the clinic.

Services and Appointments Available

Recently, medical practices and facilities have been given permission to expand services. We will continue to expand in-person appointments with the physicians as we determine that it can be done in a safe and effective manner. We continue to offer medically necessary elective services which includes:

New patient and follow up appointments

Lab draws and testing as needed

IV and other medically necessary therapies

Physical Therapy

Regenerative Medicine- orthopedic assessment for stem cell/PRP therapy

Thank you

We sincerely appreciate all of your support and prayers, and are honored to serve every one of you during these challenging times.  Upon graduation from medical school 25 years ago, I took the Hippocratic Oath and remain committed to “improving health and reducing suffering of the human condition.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you have at 317-598-4325.


Kevin Logan, MD

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