Bye Bye Mercury: Yolanda
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Bye Bye Mercury: Yolanda

“When I came to Dr. Logan …my mercury level was highly elevated. One year later it is normal and there has been significant improvement in my health! My energy and sense of well being have increased dramatically, cognitive function has improved, and a chronic skin condition has disappeared. Recurring lower back pain that radiated to my hip led to repeated trips to massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors. The back and hip pain have completely disappeared! It didn’t occur to me that this, too, was a result of the elevated mercury. Dr. Logan explained that the pain was coming from my kidneys which had borne the burden of filtering the mercury.

For years, my white blood cell count was below normal. My traditional doctor said it was normal for me. Dr. Logan said he suspected it was low because my body was fighting the mercury poisoning. Once the mercury level became normal so did my white blood cell count!”

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